The Multi-sensory environments

The house of multi-sensory environments (MSE), Copenhagen is a sensory experience offer for people who are physically or mentally limited in their ability to experience and process sensory input.

Boblerør i Snoezelhuset

The MSE allows people to get special sensory experiences that can stimulate sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance and muscle senses.

The word “Snoezelen” is a combination of two Dutch words “snuffelen” and doezelen”, which means to “explore” and “to doze”.

Decor of the MSE

The MSE in Gentofte is divided into four rooms and a hall, each of which offers different controlled stimulation to either awake or attenuate the senses.

The white room

The white room is where the user gets into a trance and can find peace of mind. The warm water and gentle vibration in the bed has a relaxing effect on the senses and thus on body and mind. The vibrations promote body perception. It is especially the sense of touch and sensations in the muscles and joints, which are stimulated. The lighting effects stimulate the vision and help to provide an experience of immersion into a sensory world, which the user chooses from the different themes presented through the projector. In the room there is a hammock and a special rock that stimulate the senses of balance. If the user is positioned lengthwise, it will be refreshing and if positioned crosswise, the sensation will be relaxing.

The ball pit room 

The pressure from the balls gives a clear idea of where the body starts and ends. This for many people is reassuring, as they find it difficult to control and feel their bodies. The milky-white balls and light flowing from the bottom are comforting, especially when it is combined with quiet music. 
The ceiling light and the choice of the music or the audio-book experience can vary in many ways, depending on the specific needs among the user.

The red room

The red room is intended to stimulate breathing or inhaling, where the senses are stimulated in a refreshing way. The hard bed and the strong vibrations from the music affect the sense of touch and the senses of the muscles and joints. This increases the understanding of where the body is in relation to its surroundings. There is also a microphone, so the users through their own voice can create and manage the vibrations coming from the sound-box. Here are two tubes with bubbles, which respectively respond to and change colour plus bubble-effect, when a plate is pressed or when the user makes a loud sound.

The cave or the black room 

In the dark room the user can turn on the sky canopy, wrap themselves into the duvet filled with balls and optionally start an audio-book. It allows the user to concentrate without visual disturbances. 
The UV-light and the white toys combined allow the visually impaired user to perceive an extraordinary experience of visual sensations.


The garden

Behind the MSE house you will find a small, beautiful garden, where the user can find peace of mind in comforting surroundings. During the summer users can enjoy the scent of different flowers and taste of different berries.

The snoezelen corridor 

The snoezelen corridor is an active room for exploring, where you need to touch or hit the different elements in order to achieve stimulation.

Use of the MSE house and prices

The house can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but the first visit requires a three hour instruction.

Contact the MSE house for use of the house and prices. 

Contact info

Telephone: 39 98 79 29

The MSE house is part of Job-, Aktivitets- og Kompetencecenteret in Gentofte.